Personalized Family & Pet Cartoon Products!
Luggage Tags • Address Labels • Mouse Pads • Gift Labels • Note Cards • And More!
Your order is custom created by selecting the person's features that most resemble them. Choose
from over 240 heads, ten hair colors, four skin tones, mustaches, beards, goatees, glasses, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a secure site?
    Yes! Your credit card information is absolutely, positively, safe with us! We use a secure
    socket layer protection that is required by the credit card companies.

  2. What is your privacy policy?
    Simple, we will never sell or share any of your personal information with anyone or any
    company. We respect your privacy and we consider it an honor doing business with you.
    Click here for more details.

  3. How are you pictures personalized?
    First you select the person(s) hobby, profession, activity, or sport. Next your order is custom
    created by selecting the persons features that most resemble them including hairstyle,
    hair color, skin tone, glasses, goatee, mustache and or beard
    . Some designs also include
    the choice of clothing color and a short personalized message. Add the name and you have
    created the most loved personalized
    cartoon gift available.

  4. When will I receive my order?
    Since each order is custom created and doubled checked for errors our processing time to
    complete the order takes seven to fourteen business days from the time we receive it. You should
    receive the order with in 5-10 business days after we ship it.

  5. How do you ship?
    First class. We use the United States Postal Service.

  6. I can not find a hairstyle that looks like me can you custom create one?
    Sorry, we are not able to custom create a new hairstyle. Look carefully at what we have. We have
    short, medium, and long lengths combined with straight, wavy, and curly hairstyles.

  7. Can you put highlights or streaks in my hair?
    Sorry, we can not. Since this is a cartoon doing highlights and streaks tend to look harsh and really bad.

  8. Can I request blue or green hair?
    Yes, just add the request in the comment section of the final shopping cart page.

  9. Do you accept checks or money orders?
    Yes, just print out the order form and send the payment to:
    Koonce Komix, 9057 Stillwater Trail, Ft. Worth, TX 76118

  10. What is the mat color?
    The mat color is the border that goes around the cartoon picture. There are eight mat colors
    to choose from and all 8x10 pictures come matted. Framing is optional.

  11. Is the mat included in the size of the picture?
    Yes, the 8x10 measurements are the outside dimensions of a matted picture. Actual artwork
    size is smaller than mat size.

  12. What if I realize I made a mistake on the spelling or order what can I do?
    Send us an e-mail to or call 1-817-797-2946. Give us your
    order number, date ordered, your name and the correction. Please notify us as soon as possible.

  13. What do I do if there is a mistake on my order once I received it?
    Please give us a call at 1- 8717-797-2946. We will be happy to correct for it you.

  14. My order is being sent as a gift. Can you include a gift message?
    Yes! Just fill out the comments section on the final shopping cart page.

  15. What are the difference between your web site and catalog?
    The web site is the most up to date. Please visit our web site for the latest new cartoon designs, products,
    and specials.

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