Personalized Family & Pet Cartoon Products!
Luggage Tags • Address Labels • Mouse Pads • Gift Labels • Note Cards • And More!
Your order is custom created by selecting the person's features that most resemble them. Choose
from over 240 heads, ten hair colors, four skin tones, mustaches, beards, goatees, glasses, etc.
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Koonce Komix was established in 1998 by a professional graphic artist/part-time flight attendant
named Chris Koonce (this explains why there are so many airline designs). Chris earned a
Bachelor of Fines Arts degree in 1991 from the University of North Texas. As a flight attendant,
Chris saw the need to create a way for people to identify their bags by creating a fun personalized
cartoon bag tag/luggage tag.

Since 1998 Koonce Komix has grown with the help of family and friends and now offers over
one hundred cartoon designs. We now offer not only bag tags but a variety of other quality products
that include; 8x10 cartoon pictures, mouse pads, address labels, gift labels, magnets, note cards, holiday
cards, announcements and key chains.

We are a dedicated company and strive to make sure that you are pleased with our products.
Koonce Komix is so sure that you will happy with our products that we offer a money back guarantee.

A personalized cartoon is the perfect gift for the person who has everything or who is hard to
buy for. Remember kids and adults love personalized gifts.

We now offer original hand painted digital paintings created from your photographs by
Chris Koonce.

Chris Koonce the artist behind Koonce Komix has been doing portraits for over 40 years and is proud
to offer two unique styles to choose from. One style is Impressionism and the other Pop Art.

Artwork is created by digitally painting using an electronic stylus that simulates brush strokes
on a wacom tablet (digital canvas). Unlike most digital art that is created today, Chris does not use
Photoshop filters, but instead creates the painting with hand painted lines, one at a time using
an electronic stylus brush. Chris uses bold thick and thin brush strokes and many layering effects to
get the colors rich and luminous. Chris's digital paintings look like traditional museum quality oil
paintings that took several months to create. The portraits are printed using archival quality
inks printed onto a textured canvas that will last a lifetime. The canvas print is known as a Giclee print.

All artwork comes with a money back guarantee and is digitally signed by Chris Koonce the artist.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail us at:
or call 817-797-2946 leave a message I will return all calls with in 24 hours.

Wishing you happiness and joy!

The Koonce Komix Family.

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